Danisia reaches to Himachal Pradesh. A place where the people around are far too generous (only the localities) , the vendors there are very very rude, if you don’t purchase anything that you just picked to have a glance they will straight away insult you on your face and you will walk away dis-heartedly and disappointedly.

Apart from the vendors there are much more positives to talk about.,Himachal was a place worth spending money on. It’s much more exiting for those people who haven’t seen the snow in their lifetime, those unending snow clad mountain’s view will never erase from one’s mind plus the urge to reach there even after knowing it is too far to reach



             Coming to the roads to travel, well they are well maintained and the best part is that no people in that state use plastic bags a great initiative put in by the Himachal government. Himachal an unforgettable place, left a lot of memories behind in that state wishing and waiting to be there again. 



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