Isn’t it funny a fast moving city captured and paused where you can actually wait and watch the city there and not pause in the real life. Life here is too fast as compared to the life spent in Goa or any other village that you can relate to. Churchgate way to the Gate Way Of India and many other places to watch. In Mumbai you find people of all class high to low, good to bad, rich to poor and many more opposites.

My main purpose to visit Churchgate is always the Colaba, Causeway. A long stretch of market be it accessories, clothes for a woman or a man. If you see the structures that are there you will be awestruck by the beautiful place you are in. Very old structures depicting the long left Great Britain. If you want to get your tummy full enter in some vintage restaurants that serve you good and tasty food. I always prefer going to Baghdadi, right behind the Causeway.


There is a lot you can do there, if you are tired shopping, done eating and you want to take some rest why not by the bay? A little more of walk you reach to the Gateway Of India.


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