This month Danisia reaches to Pune. Pune a place similar to Mumbai but alot of Maharashtrian crowd residing there. Our journey from Mumbai to Pune was not tiring at all, it took approximately 4 hours for us to reach to our destination. On our way we experienced a very nice atmosphere. The place was chilled and calm as it took away all our problems. The sight was mesmerizing making you forget that there are no flaws at all in this world.

As this was our college IV (Industrial Visit), we had to choose  a place where our visit relates to the media and after a lot of research our destination was Pune NFAI (National Film Archive of India). This is an important place for the preservation of films where all the movies that has won the National award or the recognized films, old and new are preserved in reels in a particular film storage ward where 2 lakh reel are currently preserved. they have a phase 2 ward as well in which there are 6 sub wards that can store about 6000-7000 reels.


People who are into the film making and research visit this place quiet often. Most of them have also created a membership with the NFAI. The membership fees amounts to rupees 1500 and the members get a chance to watch a movie every saturday. NFAI also provide short and long courses for those who are interested.

This place helped us learn a lot that we didn’t know. In addition to that for our extra knowledge, Dadasaheb Phalke (Father of Indian Cinema) who made his first movie in India known as Raja Harishchandra.


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