Danisia reaches Goa. An amazing trip only the two girls who just planned to set our minds free from the usual chaos. We left on the same night on the day that our exams got over. Right after the paper I went to crash and my friend was busy packing her bag. Our train was at 10 O’clock in the evening and at 7:30 we had to leave from our respective home. I directly got up at 6 and the hustle and bustle of the packing which made me a bit late but I was still on time.





Tickets were already taken and we left sharp at 10 O’Clock. We couldn’t belive it ourselves that we actually are the only two travelling all the way to Goa.

Trust me I sleep alot when I’m on any journey , though my friend didn’t sleep I slept like a careless human. SLEEP IS THE MUST TO GET GOING FOR THE NEXT DAY.
Early morning fog was an eye catching and mind capturing moment. Goa being my native place I haven’t seen the whole of it. Basically, we had planned to go with the local transport, though it was fun exploring but it was time consuming and time bounded. The last bus that we can board is 7:30-8:00pm. Darn, it was a tough time.


First destination MADGAON to CUTORIM (My dad’s sister’s place). From MADGAON to CUTORIM 45 mins travelling by the bus. The funniest part was that I had forgotten where exactly my stop was and I ended up giving the wrong landmark and the driver and the conductor were puzzled. It was the Nelson’s Bar and I said no it’s the Mickey’s Bar. Idiot me. Finally we were home at around by 1 O’Clock and good food. Yuuuuummmmm. Goan pulav and chicken curry. The perfect goan feel, we had our food and had planned to go to the COLVA BEACH. The blunder that we made was to rest for 1 hour and we forgot to set an alarm. I had trusted my aunty and asked her to wake us after an hour. But she didn’t and we ended up getting up in the evening at 7 (A wasted day indeed!)


Later, the next day we planned to go to MIRAMAR BEACH & DONNA PAULA. A tip to girls, go along with your relatives or a group of friends that consists atlest a guy and please go decently dressed. It was a disaster as this place is of tourist attraction people from all the places land here mostly men act cheesy and creepy. Better beware. Both of us did enjoy our togetherness and the self travelling with the public transport it was tiring at the same time. We reached home at 7 in the evening.





We just wanted peace so we chose the forest area to roam. Beaches are not always the answer to peace. Next day it was a Sunday, my cousins were free. We had been to the springs at KEVONA. We visited atlest 2 springs and one river. All wet and cool we then headed towards home. It was a lovely day getting wet, spring water, together with nature and most importantly peace of mind.

•Best SAUSAGES are found at NAVELIM and MAPUSA.

After the two days exploration and one day of waste we are moving towards the end of our journey and heading home. An unplanned trip ended way too early and we had seen the unspoken GOA.






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