Vaidya farm is situated in ponda also known to be as an industrial estate. It’s (vaidya farm) in the interior, with so many left and rights to reach there. The entry cost to get into vaidya farm is rupees 50 per head. The place is quite crowded during the summer season people come to get wet in the hot sun. It’s basically the spot to get wet and refreshed.


• Get your amplifier
• Extra pair of clothes
• Girls their sunscreen
• And FOOD !

MY EXPERIENCE: Danisia always goes from a no to a yes. Not wanting to go into the water n get wet but still my gut said please go so i ran down into the chilled water. The water that falls from a height has a great force so even if u want to go close you need alot of strength. A skinny girl like me couldn’t reach the falls without someone’s help. I spent like 5 hours in the water dancing from here to there, figuring out if i know to swim or not, trying to stay longer beneath the water and all those silly things that the kids do 😜.  Time flew like anything it was evening and we had to leave, it takes like 2 long hours from Ponda to my place and we had to reach before dark. So we had to leave from there at 5:30 and I didn’t carry an extra set of clothes so i had to return back with the wet clothes on. Made some great memories in my head to cherish in the long run. 💗


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