I’m very exited for the coming of the Ganpati, like I do every year. This eagerness is since childhood to watch the Ganpati Bappa come every year and bid him farewell. Being brought up in Mumbai lets you taste all the festivals of different culture. This year I thought let’s do something which is much more prior to the welcoming of the Ganpati, that’s the making of the Ganpati. So me and my mate decided to go visit the car shed at Parel where the Ganpatis are made. It’s not an ordinary but an extra ordinary place. It’s like visiting a mandap all at once,  I’ve watched like, more than 100 Ganpatis and so many workers coming from different states of India and working on each Ganpati to get the right curves and lines to make it look perfect. There are artists who come from different colleges to paint it to perfect. The entire hall is a busy unit and we like tiny ants come and look at the Ganpatis. Ganpatis ranging from small to big are found here. This was not the only Ganpati making shed there were many around but Mumbai’s famous Ganpatis are made here.


This place creates a different aura around you. The yellow lights and a covered shed and under the sheets of plastic are these incredible Ganpatis. You will be amazed to see the concepts that they put in just with a figure. On top of that it’s the rainy season, so you have the rains and  CHAAI KA TAPRI (tea stall) too.

Mumbai’s biggest event chinchpokli chintamani agman on 21st  of August. It’s the best mandal to attract the entire crowd of awaiting Mumbai.


INTL AIRPORT: Take a share a rick  towards the Andheri station ₹:20

STATION: From Andheri station to Elphinstone Station / Lower Parel station ( buy a return ticket) and from there a taxi ₹: 50 expense here. In all you spend like ₹: 150 for Travelling.

If you have any queries or you know of any route that is much more easier, convenient and a shorter route then please drop a comment below.

May Ganpati bappa always shower his blessing’s on the world, go ahead and enjoy the festival of GANESH CHATURTHI !!!


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