Travelled the unusual way to a place called VENGURLA.

This was another exiting and an unplanned journey. I gave it a yes a day prior and was all set to go with the women. In search of new places and places that I haven’t stepped in, I didn’t know Vengurla was on my way!

Day 1

We reached Kankavli at 6:40am I was woken up just 2 mins before the station arrived and the hustle and bustle of our stuffs and everyone’s stuff and rushing with that early morning unfinished sleep face. The moment i stepped out of the train my god my legs and hands started shivering and my teeth tattering and i was like “Mother i need my sweater now it’s too cold here and I cant walk”. Somehow i managed to walk till the rickshaw stand and bingo! We were six of us and so we had to any how accommodate in one rick (here’s my bucket list ticked my wish had come true of sitting on the rickshaw fellow’s seat) and enjoying the cold morning rickshaw ride at Kankavli. 

Our bus is simply the local bus, we are in the “Laal Dabba” (so called name for the red local bus) that’s heading towards Kudal then we have board another bus from there to Vengurla. Aaaahhhh ! Long journey i know. On top of that it’s the local so all the passengers sitting in are having a good bumpy ride here because of the improper roads and also the thundering sound of the bus which felt like all the parts of the bus are going to fall off.

Its starting to get morning and the horizon’s about to hit by the beautiful yellow orange sun rays. School girls have entered the bus as soon as they entered sweet fragrance lingered over while i was fast asleep it just took me back to my school days and I drowned myself in those thoughts and fell asleep in the bus. By 10 minutes to 7 we reached at Kudal, I was just amazed to open my eye and see the bright light hitting my eyes and the sun shining up in the sky. It was morning already, birds chirping, cows in search of grass and ofcourse so many Laal Dabbas around me .We had no patience waiting for the next bus to arrive so we caught a rickshaw to Vengurla.

The moment i reached the house, I removed my slippers kept my bag and there I was off to to sleep. I was in my sweet slumber since two hours. I didn’t realise that i was sleeping for a little too long. I directly got up for lunch we had dal, rice, French beans, pickle, chapati and a new thing that i tasted was the ‘karela ka farsan’ (not kerela but karela i.e. bittergourd).It was so tasty that i didn’t want to stop eating it.I hate bitter gourd so much as you do, but this was not bitter at all.My stomach was full but my sleep wasn’t completed before so I took a nice nap, got up in the evening, washed my face, had some tea and left for a long walk around the village. 

We happened to visit two temples (we walked it out).Villages get dark and lonely by evening, we had to rush back home for dinner too.For dinner i was introduced to a new dish that was ‘pitty’ (replacement for dal.Which i didn’t like. It didn’t match my taste buds). We were off to sleep early and start the next day with great enthusiasm because it was the village feast.

Day 2

We left for the Kepadevi mandir early in the morning. There were not a much people around and no queue at all, like we had expected! But there were people adjacent to the mandir helping the mandir community to prepare the festive lunch for the devotees and the whole village. It created a very nice festive atmosphere there.

Next was the tum tum ride and a chance to sit on the back seat which is all open . That was a fun ride and a nice experience.We then headed towards the Vethobha mandir, then to Vethobha’s sister (Sateri devi) and the back to Kepadevi mandir for the sumptuous lunch the food was so tasty, clean and also filling after having the food that tickled our taste buds it was the beach time !!

Lucky me bucket lists getting fulfilled. THE TUM TUM RIDE!

I was so exited that i forgot it was noon and hot wind hitting on my face and the areas exposed to the sun. Wow! The beach was beautiful, I had never seen a beach like this before. But it was so hot like the inside of the oven so we decided to go to the Vengurla Port as our next and last destination of our trip.

After reaching home all were tired all the ladies thought of having some rest meanwhile me uncle and his nephew headed towards the vengurla bunder to get some fish for our last dinner at home.

Vengurla Port was another scenic view, while we were travelling towards the port we could see the pink sky. It was such a beautiful scenery as the sun was drowning in the sea n spreading different shades of pink orange purple and yellow. Blue waters and pink sky, very nice place to sit and spend our quiet time together with nature. After a nice bargain for prawns and mackerel it was time to leave for home and prepare the sumptuous dinner.(Konkan curry, fried prawns and fish wow perfect food for the last night).

Our trip had come to an end and it was time to go. We had to board our train from Sawantwadi station to Mumbai. The mini women vacation had come to an end, leaving us with some good memories.

This was the first time I travelled with my mom and her friends. I had a good time with my Mom, her friends and seeing the other side of the house wives, they deserve a vacation too. 

How is your unusual way of travelling?


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