Danisia Reaches: The Vasai (Bassein) Fort

When you have got nothing to do in Mumbai and decide to go a little out of Mumbai for an escape, so this would be one of the best place to have a peek of history. After a lot of thinking  I deduced to go and have a stroll around Vasai fort. Always heard about it and I wanted to see it for real and finally made this journey happen with a group of friends. Before I begin my journey I’ll give you a brief idea about the Vasai Fort.

Vasai Fort also known as Fort Bassein. The complete form of Portuguese name is “Fortaleza de São Sebastião de Baçaim” or the “Fort of St. Sebastian of Vasai”. Vasai is the marathi name of Bassein. This place holds the history that is many centuries years old and is hence a monument of national importance which is protected by the Archeological Survey of India. This is a place where history lingers, as you touch the walls and feel as if you have travelled back in the time. It’s a request to the fellow travelling to not litter around or sribble on the historical monument.

Resuming back to the journey: This was the very first time the train was not crowded and there were seats vacant. Travelling in the Virar train and getting a seat is one bag full of luck. I was content about not having to stand for the entire journey.

There are trains running after every two minutes at the stations. Beginning all the way from church gate to Virar and beyond. These trains are marked with WR (Western Railway). Depending upon where you have to get down you can either board  F (Fast) or S (Slow) trains.

Vasai Road falls in the Fast train option so we surely are to board this train to reach there fast or you can board the slow too if you have to reach a little late.

[Here is the link for the newbies who can get a brief idea of how the local trains, train timings, train halts and other public transportation guide.

 http://m-indicator.mobond.com/desktop/index.html ]

Once we get off the train at Vasai Road station, head towards the West of Vasai.


a) BUS

There’s a bus stand right beside the station. Bus no 105 goes to the fort. The stop’s name is KILLA BUNDER and is ₹15 per passenger


Walk towards the main road and catch a rick to the fort (it costs around ₹25 per seat or ₹100 per rick). The rickshaw will take you directly to the destination.

There’s a mandir called the Nageshwar Mandir (Vajreshwari Temple) standing right beside the fort you can have a good look around this place. If you happen to reach here during summers you can pluck the mangoes and enjoy the savoury delight.

Vajreshwari Temple

This place is really very beautiful, it is also an attraction to the photographers who adore the nature and also to the newly weds who want to make their photographs look heavenly forever. It’s spread in an extensive area and will also give you an idea of the floor plan when you thoroughly go through these places. As you go a little further you will head towards more ruins. You can either take the road ways that will lead you to the dock and then a big entrance gate or locate the road through the jungle to the ruins.

I couldn’t​ go beyond this, that is the end of the watch tower.

Though they are the ruins, the watch tower still stands high presenting us the magnificent view of the Vasai creek that meets the Arabian Sea. There are stairs leading to the highest point on the tower (do not miss the scenic view from the tower). 

This is the view from the watch tower.

Once you are done strolling around. I’d really suggest you to have the Gola from the gola wala. The flavors are the same as normal gola wala but i guess he adds some dash of love that makes it more tasty. There is also a restaurant adjacent to the dock to fuel your dear tummy.

It was a day well spent and a perfect getaway with my fellowmates. Thank You! Meghnath Maity, Siddhesh Gaikwad and Kripa Raichura❤ for making it a memorable day. 

Thank you, for reading it till the end. If there’s anything more you would love to ask then please drop a comment.


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