The joy and enthusiasm are back in town, the whole of Mumbai has united to welcome their dear Bappa for his homecoming, also known as the Aagman Sohala.  Aagman Sohala is a Marathi word and the meaning of the word Aagman means welcoming and sohala means a festive occasion. Ganesh Chaturthi was formerly celebrated at the homes during the Peshwa’s era but the carnival that we witness is all because of Lokmanya Tilak who made it a public festival also known as the Sarva Jannik Utsav.It was he who ignited the fire in the hearts of the Marathas to bridge the gap between the Brahmins and the non-Brahmins and ever since that day this festival is celebrated with loads of happiness and joys In today’s date Ganesh Chaturthi has managed to lure in all the Mumbaikars for the celebrations as well as the tourists around the world.


This has encouraged every Mandal (community) to do better than the yester year and even trigger the competitive spirit. To start the decorations and the positioning of the Ganpati’s Idol in proper place preparations start a week prior or earlier than that. The community members start off early morning or late evening as per their ease to avoid the traffic in the area and a Saturday and the Sunday is preferred to attract more crowd for the Aagman Sohala


Each Mandal comes at the workshop from where they have ordered the Ganpati idol and sets off along with the idol towards their respective mandal. The Central Railway Locomotive Workshop (car shed) turns into the Ganpati idol making workshop from June until the day of Ganesh Chaturthi. This is also a famous workshop known for making artistic Ganpatis throughout Mumbai and Maharashtra. Each year the artist, the sculptor, the decorator puts in the efforts that are greater and challenging to them. I would also like to give my heartiest thanks to the famous Ganesh idol sculptor Mr. Vijay Khatu who passed away on 30 July 2017. We Mumbaikars thank him for his contribution and dedication towards this festival.


Here are some of the glimpses of the Aagaman Sohala 2017



Danisia Reaches: The Vasai (Bassein) Fort

When you have got nothing to do in Mumbai and decide to go a little out of Mumbai for an escape, so this would be one of the best place to have a peek of history. After a lot of thinking  I deduced to go and have a stroll around Vasai fort. Always heard about it and I wanted to see it for real and finally made this journey happen with a group of friends. Before I begin my journey I’ll give you a brief idea about the Vasai Fort.

Vasai Fort also known as Fort Bassein. The complete form of Portuguese name is “Fortaleza de São Sebastião de Baçaim” or the “Fort of St. Sebastian of Vasai”. Vasai is the marathi name of Bassein. This place holds the history that is many centuries years old and is hence a monument of national importance which is protected by the Archeological Survey of India. This is a place where history lingers, as you touch the walls and feel as if you have travelled back in the time. It’s a request to the fellow travelling to not litter around or sribble on the historical monument.

Resuming back to the journey: This was the very first time the train was not crowded and there were seats vacant. Travelling in the Virar train and getting a seat is one bag full of luck. I was content about not having to stand for the entire journey.

There are trains running after every two minutes at the stations. Beginning all the way from church gate to Virar and beyond. These trains are marked with WR (Western Railway). Depending upon where you have to get down you can either board  F (Fast) or S (Slow) trains.

Vasai Road falls in the Fast train option so we surely are to board this train to reach there fast or you can board the slow too if you have to reach a little late.

[Here is the link for the newbies who can get a brief idea of how the local trains, train timings, train halts and other public transportation guide.

 http://m-indicator.mobond.com/desktop/index.html ]

Once we get off the train at Vasai Road station, head towards the West of Vasai.


a) BUS

There’s a bus stand right beside the station. Bus no 105 goes to the fort. The stop’s name is KILLA BUNDER and is ₹15 per passenger


Walk towards the main road and catch a rick to the fort (it costs around ₹25 per seat or ₹100 per rick). The rickshaw will take you directly to the destination.

There’s a mandir called the Nageshwar Mandir (Vajreshwari Temple) standing right beside the fort you can have a good look around this place. If you happen to reach here during summers you can pluck the mangoes and enjoy the savoury delight.

Vajreshwari Temple

This place is really very beautiful, it is also an attraction to the photographers who adore the nature and also to the newly weds who want to make their photographs look heavenly forever. It’s spread in an extensive area and will also give you an idea of the floor plan when you thoroughly go through these places. As you go a little further you will head towards more ruins. You can either take the road ways that will lead you to the dock and then a big entrance gate or locate the road through the jungle to the ruins.

I couldn’t​ go beyond this, that is the end of the watch tower.

Though they are the ruins, the watch tower still stands high presenting us the magnificent view of the Vasai creek that meets the Arabian Sea. There are stairs leading to the highest point on the tower (do not miss the scenic view from the tower). 

This is the view from the watch tower.

Once you are done strolling around. I’d really suggest you to have the Gola from the gola wala. The flavors are the same as normal gola wala but i guess he adds some dash of love that makes it more tasty. There is also a restaurant adjacent to the dock to fuel your dear tummy.

It was a day well spent and a perfect getaway with my fellowmates. Thank You! Meghnath Maity, Siddhesh Gaikwad and Kripa Raichura❤ for making it a memorable day. 

Thank you, for reading it till the end. If there’s anything more you would love to ask then please drop a comment.

Travelled the unusual way to a place called VENGURLA.

This was another exiting and an unplanned journey. I gave it a yes a day prior and was all set to go with the women. In search of new places and places that I haven’t stepped in, I didn’t know Vengurla was on my way!

Day 1

We reached Kankavli at 6:40am I was woken up just 2 mins before the station arrived and the hustle and bustle of our stuffs and everyone’s stuff and rushing with that early morning unfinished sleep face. The moment i stepped out of the train my god my legs and hands started shivering and my teeth tattering and i was like “Mother i need my sweater now it’s too cold here and I cant walk”. Somehow i managed to walk till the rickshaw stand and bingo! We were six of us and so we had to any how accommodate in one rick (here’s my bucket list ticked my wish had come true of sitting on the rickshaw fellow’s seat) and enjoying the cold morning rickshaw ride at Kankavli. 

Our bus is simply the local bus, we are in the “Laal Dabba” (so called name for the red local bus) that’s heading towards Kudal then we have board another bus from there to Vengurla. Aaaahhhh ! Long journey i know. On top of that it’s the local so all the passengers sitting in are having a good bumpy ride here because of the improper roads and also the thundering sound of the bus which felt like all the parts of the bus are going to fall off.

Its starting to get morning and the horizon’s about to hit by the beautiful yellow orange sun rays. School girls have entered the bus as soon as they entered sweet fragrance lingered over while i was fast asleep it just took me back to my school days and I drowned myself in those thoughts and fell asleep in the bus. By 10 minutes to 7 we reached at Kudal, I was just amazed to open my eye and see the bright light hitting my eyes and the sun shining up in the sky. It was morning already, birds chirping, cows in search of grass and ofcourse so many Laal Dabbas around me .We had no patience waiting for the next bus to arrive so we caught a rickshaw to Vengurla.

The moment i reached the house, I removed my slippers kept my bag and there I was off to to sleep. I was in my sweet slumber since two hours. I didn’t realise that i was sleeping for a little too long. I directly got up for lunch we had dal, rice, French beans, pickle, chapati and a new thing that i tasted was the ‘karela ka farsan’ (not kerela but karela i.e. bittergourd).It was so tasty that i didn’t want to stop eating it.I hate bitter gourd so much as you do, but this was not bitter at all.My stomach was full but my sleep wasn’t completed before so I took a nice nap, got up in the evening, washed my face, had some tea and left for a long walk around the village. 

We happened to visit two temples (we walked it out).Villages get dark and lonely by evening, we had to rush back home for dinner too.For dinner i was introduced to a new dish that was ‘pitty’ (replacement for dal.Which i didn’t like. It didn’t match my taste buds). We were off to sleep early and start the next day with great enthusiasm because it was the village feast.

Day 2

We left for the Kepadevi mandir early in the morning. There were not a much people around and no queue at all, like we had expected! But there were people adjacent to the mandir helping the mandir community to prepare the festive lunch for the devotees and the whole village. It created a very nice festive atmosphere there.

Next was the tum tum ride and a chance to sit on the back seat which is all open . That was a fun ride and a nice experience.We then headed towards the Vethobha mandir, then to Vethobha’s sister (Sateri devi) and the back to Kepadevi mandir for the sumptuous lunch the food was so tasty, clean and also filling after having the food that tickled our taste buds it was the beach time !!

Lucky me bucket lists getting fulfilled. THE TUM TUM RIDE!

I was so exited that i forgot it was noon and hot wind hitting on my face and the areas exposed to the sun. Wow! The beach was beautiful, I had never seen a beach like this before. But it was so hot like the inside of the oven so we decided to go to the Vengurla Port as our next and last destination of our trip.

After reaching home all were tired all the ladies thought of having some rest meanwhile me uncle and his nephew headed towards the vengurla bunder to get some fish for our last dinner at home.

Vengurla Port was another scenic view, while we were travelling towards the port we could see the pink sky. It was such a beautiful scenery as the sun was drowning in the sea n spreading different shades of pink orange purple and yellow. Blue waters and pink sky, very nice place to sit and spend our quiet time together with nature. After a nice bargain for prawns and mackerel it was time to leave for home and prepare the sumptuous dinner.(Konkan curry, fried prawns and fish wow perfect food for the last night).

Our trip had come to an end and it was time to go. We had to board our train from Sawantwadi station to Mumbai. The mini women vacation had come to an end, leaving us with some good memories.

This was the first time I travelled with my mom and her friends. I had a good time with my Mom, her friends and seeing the other side of the house wives, they deserve a vacation too. 

How is your unusual way of travelling?


I’m very exited for the coming of the Ganpati, like I do every year. This eagerness is since childhood to watch the Ganpati Bappa come every year and bid him farewell. Being brought up in Mumbai lets you taste all the festivals of different culture. This year I thought let’s do something which is much more prior to the welcoming of the Ganpati, that’s the making of the Ganpati. So me and my mate decided to go visit the car shed at Parel where the Ganpatis are made. It’s not an ordinary but an extra ordinary place. It’s like visiting a mandap all at once,  I’ve watched like, more than 100 Ganpatis and so many workers coming from different states of India and working on each Ganpati to get the right curves and lines to make it look perfect. There are artists who come from different colleges to paint it to perfect. The entire hall is a busy unit and we like tiny ants come and look at the Ganpatis. Ganpatis ranging from small to big are found here. This was not the only Ganpati making shed there were many around but Mumbai’s famous Ganpatis are made here.


This place creates a different aura around you. The yellow lights and a covered shed and under the sheets of plastic are these incredible Ganpatis. You will be amazed to see the concepts that they put in just with a figure. On top of that it’s the rainy season, so you have the rains and  CHAAI KA TAPRI (tea stall) too.

Mumbai’s biggest event chinchpokli chintamani agman on 21st  of August. It’s the best mandal to attract the entire crowd of awaiting Mumbai.


INTL AIRPORT: Take a share a rick  towards the Andheri station ₹:20

STATION: From Andheri station to Elphinstone Station / Lower Parel station ( buy a return ticket) and from there a taxi ₹: 50 expense here. In all you spend like ₹: 150 for Travelling.

If you have any queries or you know of any route that is much more easier, convenient and a shorter route then please drop a comment below.

May Ganpati bappa always shower his blessing’s on the world, go ahead and enjoy the festival of GANESH CHATURTHI !!!


Vaidya farm is situated in ponda also known to be as an industrial estate. It’s (vaidya farm) in the interior, with so many left and rights to reach there. The entry cost to get into vaidya farm is rupees 50 per head. The place is quite crowded during the summer season people come to get wet in the hot sun. It’s basically the spot to get wet and refreshed.


• Get your amplifier
• Extra pair of clothes
• Girls their sunscreen
• And FOOD !

MY EXPERIENCE: Danisia always goes from a no to a yes. Not wanting to go into the water n get wet but still my gut said please go so i ran down into the chilled water. The water that falls from a height has a great force so even if u want to go close you need alot of strength. A skinny girl like me couldn’t reach the falls without someone’s help. I spent like 5 hours in the water dancing from here to there, figuring out if i know to swim or not, trying to stay longer beneath the water and all those silly things that the kids do 😜.  Time flew like anything it was evening and we had to leave, it takes like 2 long hours from Ponda to my place and we had to reach before dark. So we had to leave from there at 5:30 and I didn’t carry an extra set of clothes so i had to return back with the wet clothes on. Made some great memories in my head to cherish in the long run. 💗



Danisia reaches Goa. An amazing trip only the two girls who just planned to set our minds free from the usual chaos. We left on the same night on the day that our exams got over. Right after the paper I went to crash and my friend was busy packing her bag. Our train was at 10 O’clock in the evening and at 7:30 we had to leave from our respective home. I directly got up at 6 and the hustle and bustle of the packing which made me a bit late but I was still on time.





Tickets were already taken and we left sharp at 10 O’Clock. We couldn’t belive it ourselves that we actually are the only two travelling all the way to Goa.

Trust me I sleep alot when I’m on any journey , though my friend didn’t sleep I slept like a careless human. SLEEP IS THE MUST TO GET GOING FOR THE NEXT DAY.
Early morning fog was an eye catching and mind capturing moment. Goa being my native place I haven’t seen the whole of it. Basically, we had planned to go with the local transport, though it was fun exploring but it was time consuming and time bounded. The last bus that we can board is 7:30-8:00pm. Darn, it was a tough time.


First destination MADGAON to CUTORIM (My dad’s sister’s place). From MADGAON to CUTORIM 45 mins travelling by the bus. The funniest part was that I had forgotten where exactly my stop was and I ended up giving the wrong landmark and the driver and the conductor were puzzled. It was the Nelson’s Bar and I said no it’s the Mickey’s Bar. Idiot me. Finally we were home at around by 1 O’Clock and good food. Yuuuuummmmm. Goan pulav and chicken curry. The perfect goan feel, we had our food and had planned to go to the COLVA BEACH. The blunder that we made was to rest for 1 hour and we forgot to set an alarm. I had trusted my aunty and asked her to wake us after an hour. But she didn’t and we ended up getting up in the evening at 7 (A wasted day indeed!)


Later, the next day we planned to go to MIRAMAR BEACH & DONNA PAULA. A tip to girls, go along with your relatives or a group of friends that consists atlest a guy and please go decently dressed. It was a disaster as this place is of tourist attraction people from all the places land here mostly men act cheesy and creepy. Better beware. Both of us did enjoy our togetherness and the self travelling with the public transport it was tiring at the same time. We reached home at 7 in the evening.





We just wanted peace so we chose the forest area to roam. Beaches are not always the answer to peace. Next day it was a Sunday, my cousins were free. We had been to the springs at KEVONA. We visited atlest 2 springs and one river. All wet and cool we then headed towards home. It was a lovely day getting wet, spring water, together with nature and most importantly peace of mind.

•Best SAUSAGES are found at NAVELIM and MAPUSA.

After the two days exploration and one day of waste we are moving towards the end of our journey and heading home. An unplanned trip ended way too early and we had seen the unspoken GOA.





This month Danisia reaches to Pune. Pune a place similar to Mumbai but alot of Maharashtrian crowd residing there. Our journey from Mumbai to Pune was not tiring at all, it took approximately 4 hours for us to reach to our destination. On our way we experienced a very nice atmosphere. The place was chilled and calm as it took away all our problems. The sight was mesmerizing making you forget that there are no flaws at all in this world.

As this was our college IV (Industrial Visit), we had to choose  a place where our visit relates to the media and after a lot of research our destination was Pune NFAI (National Film Archive of India). This is an important place for the preservation of films where all the movies that has won the National award or the recognized films, old and new are preserved in reels in a particular film storage ward where 2 lakh reel are currently preserved. they have a phase 2 ward as well in which there are 6 sub wards that can store about 6000-7000 reels.


People who are into the film making and research visit this place quiet often. Most of them have also created a membership with the NFAI. The membership fees amounts to rupees 1500 and the members get a chance to watch a movie every saturday. NFAI also provide short and long courses for those who are interested.

This place helped us learn a lot that we didn’t know. In addition to that for our extra knowledge, Dadasaheb Phalke (Father of Indian Cinema) who made his first movie in India known as Raja Harishchandra.